Quilt Gallery 1

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"Kaleidoscopes in the Sky"                       
 made by Debbie Jones, design by Marilyn Doheny
"Spirit Rising"                
made and designed by Debbie Jones. 
1st Place Winner, Small Art Quilt Category, Venice Quilt Show, March 2008.
 made by Debbie Jones and Vel Saddington.
"Land of Enchantment"    
 designed by Debbie Jones; made by Debbie Jones and Betty Standiferd.
"Roses in Blue"    
 made by Debbie Jones.
"Jacobean Tulip"    
 made by Debbie Jones,      design by Pat Campbell.
"Blue-Green Pineapple"  made by Debbie Jones.

"Mar del la Vida"  (Sea of Life)  
 group quilt made and designed by:
                       Teresa Connell,
Betty Standiferd, Irene Strege, Madeline Canfield,
Mary Amenson, Kathy Millspaugh, Jackie Evans
Pat Heydt, Barbara Nelson and Debbie Jones.
"Sea Dreams"    
 designed, made and quilted by  Debbie Jones.
"Rainbow Stripes"  
 made by Debbie Jones.
"Rose Concerto"  
 made and designed by Debbie Jones.
detail of "Sea Dreams" , featuring sheer & metallic fabrics
"Halloween Wedding Quilt"    
 made by Debbie Jones, 
 quilted by Cindye Baily.
 detail of 
"Halloween Wedding Quilt"    
 detail of the back side of
"Halloween Wedding Quilt"    
"Fantasy Fish II"    
 designed, made and quilted by Debbie Jones, 

detail of "Fantasy Fish II" 
for more close-ups of "Fantasy Fish II", check out  the Fantasy Fish Page and scroll down   
detail of "Sea Dreams" , featuring a narrow border of metallic fabric around the fish
These images are copyright protected 
by Debbie Jones © 2019.  All rights reserved.  
Please do not use these images or designs in any way without her written permission. Thanks!