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(For white fabric that is prepared for dyeing/painting, along with fabric paints, please see the bottom of the Store Page.)

Ice dyed fabrics are similar to batiks, but better! These are the kinds of fabrics I use to make fabric decollage and art quilts, so that my art resembles paintings. Prices on these mostly fat quarter-sized pieces (18"x22") range from $8.50 to $9.50 each, depending on whether they are cotton, silk or a silk-cotton blend. Shipping charges are not included. Add 7.875% sales tax. All major credit cards are accepted by calling me at 505-362-2675. To mail a check, please inquire first for shipping charges. Or if you are in the Albuquerque area, you can come by my studio and see the fabrics up close. For questions, please call or email me.
Note: All these fabrics are copyright protected. Please do not use these images or designs without my written permission. 

These images are copyright protected 
by Debbie Jones © 2020.  All rights reserved.  
Please do not use these images or designs in any way without her written permission. Thanks! 
Close-up view of the fabric on left.
This started out as a "paint rag" to test colors on, then was ice dyed.
This started out as a white-on-white printed fabric, then it was ice dyed.
This is a close-up of the back side of the fabric pictured on the left. Note that the color is more vibrant on the back, and the print barely shows through on the back side.
This is a very close-up shot of the fabric pictured above, right side up.
This started out as a white cotton fabric with gold stars, then ice dyed.
Close-up of an ice dyed fabric